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Interactive Projects -Time and Space

time sapce

Interactive Installation (Dimensiosn Variable)

The installation intends to engage the viewer in activities such as posing, acting, and communicating in the virtue reality. Created by cutting edge physical computer programming MAX/MSP Jitter, the software is able to adapt to a variety of applications. For example, as soon as the participant stands in front of the installation, his or her current activity is showing in the digital/projected screen, simultaneously along with three of delayed activities. The delayed activities can be depicted larger, smaller, shifted, or flipped compared to the projection of the viewer's real-time activity.

The concepts of motion, movement, space, time, the ephemeral, virtue reality, identity and conformity are conveyed in the proposed interactive project titled Time and Space. In our current fast paced environment filled with moving images and cameras, it is important for the viewers to be conscious about their surroundings, about the present and the past, and about identity. By interacting with the installations, the participants are able to construct or demolish their ideas of self and others.