Xuan Chen

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sculpture1 in progress focus

Optical Illusion Dynamic Sculptures, Font, Side and Top view and 360 degree animated view. This is a prototype of a large scale scupture. Dimensions Variable. Material: Painted Board (Proposed Medium: Painted Aluminum). If you are interested in a commission of this sculpture, please send me an email.

My optical sculptures explore the fundamental relation between motion and static. It is also a form of transformation. As the light changes during the day, the sculpture display different illusions. Flipped visions occur where the convex shaped cube seems concave while the concave shaped cube seems convex. Similarly, under certain light, the convex and concave shapes seem to completely disappear---the sculpture looks like a flat wall. It creates an optical illusion where changes in perspective seem to shift the shape of the object as pedestrians walk around it, thus creating the sensation that the sculpture is actually moving. This dynamic phenomenon encourages the viewers to interact with the artwork.