Xuan Chen

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OUT, An Animated Film by Xuan Chen, Film Length 7 minutes 39 seconds, Aspect Ratio 4:3

The film OUT is inspired by the phenomena of migrant workers. It depicts a journey undertaken by a group of homogeneous figures who demolish their underground community and reconstruct a splendid above-ground world. In the above-ground world, the group is confronted by an enormous form in a hat and tie, which symbolizes governments and bureaucracies. The form uses propaganda, symbolized by the red and yellow color in this majorly black and white film, to direct the figures' collective labor into erecting a monumental structure. Ultimately the homogenous figures are consumed and destroyed by the monument while the enormous forms proliferate and dominate the above-ground world. Sound is also an important aspect of the film. Experimental sound composition such as tearing, rubbing, and stepping noises are used to convey the physical difficulties encountered by the underground group. Symphonic crescendo and chorus are also constructed in the film to indicate the performance aspects in propaganda. I intend to contest power, propaganda, corruption from government and gender issues in a male dominated society and hopefully revisit the debates of dialectical materialism and the fate of humanity.