Interview by Layla Leiman from ArtMaze Magazine in London

Studio Visit With Xuan Chen: BETWEEN 2D Illusion and 3D Complexity

Sneak peak into my studio and my art-making processes. Studio Visit interview by Layla Leiman.

Thanks to ArtMaze Magazine in London.

Light and color are the subjects of Xuan Chen’s abstract visual art. Drawing influence from the California Light and Space Movement and Color Field abstraction, her dazzling artworks exist between the parameters of 2D surfaces and 3D forms. Part paintings, part wall sculptures, Xuan’s artworks leap out at the viewer and invite closer inspection. Using bright, neon color palettes, thread, pooled layers of paint, geometric shapes and the interplay between negative and positive space, Xuan’s project-based work can be understood as an ongoing exploration of the myriad properties of light.

Named after the Chinese ink-brush Xuan paper, one might think that Xuan was always destined to be an artist. But that’s not how her story goes. Growing up in China before immigrating to the USA with her family, Xuan only started taking art classes while she was finishing up her engineering degree at UC Berkely. This background perhaps accounts for Xuan’s almost scientific approach to deconstructing visual elements into their core conceptual characteristics before refiguring them in her abstract works.

We were very happy to have the opportunity to catch up with Xuan and find out more about her creative process, her thoughts on color, light, and the New Mexican desert. Enjoy!
Read Full Interview Here.

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