My Artbook is Published!

This 58-page artbook is a survey of my works finished from 2011 to 2014.

Introduction essay by Karina Hean, a great abstract artist living in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  

Visit here to order a hard copy or a digital version of this book.

Quoted from the writing:

“Chen’s new work on di-bond provides a flexible material to cut through and bend. Arbitrary holes divide the painting into front and back relations while bendable sections move in or out, intersecting the top plane at diverse angles. The backs of the folded components are painted and emit reflected colored light onto the wall or painting. These articulated aspects resemble doors, shutters, screens, or frames, and direct our attention to the absence of tangible surface and paint as curtains to a stage. Within that gap, behind and around the painting, is ethereal, colored light. In Painting Light and Screens, the back of each panel is also painted a variety of neon color. The reflected light cast at times behaves as additive colored light (screen, RGB color model), where combined colors appear lighter, and other times as subtractive color pigment (paint, RYB color model), where combined colors appear darker. Hard edges occupy the top surface of Chen’s paintings and maintain a flat plane of non-space. Though slightly wonky rectilinear shapes live there, these are organized, rational places. Due to the absence of any representational form, we tend to read the work as geometric and pre-determined. The addition of unfixed colored light glowing from behind parts of the work spawns a lively, satisfying contrast to the decisively painted parts. Variation in shape and saturation of these soft edged, luminous bands of reflected color inject a wily, living element to the work.”