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contemporary abstract art by xuan chen

About Contemporary Abstract Artist Xuan Chen

Xuan Chen is an abstract visual artist. She makes non representational paintings and wall-sculptures. Her influences include Light and Space Movement, as well as Color Field abstraction.  As an experimental artist, each body of her work focuses on a different concept. In the past few years, she has been working on concepts such as Light Space Intimacy, Beyond Color Field and Op Pop. Within these concepts,  her abstract paintings, sculptures and installations are approached from the possibilities between the 2D digital image-making and the 3D complexity in our visual world, where digital images and devices play such a huge role in our daily lives.  Although her works embrace western aesthetics in contemporary abstract art, she constantly applies techniques, processes and inspirations from traditional Chinese art to her art practice. No matter what forms of her artwork entail, subjects such as color theory, constructivism and geometric abstraction frequently appear in her processes. She has exhibited extensively through group and solo exhibitions nationally and internationally, including the Two Minutes Film Festival in Carnegie Museum of Art, University of New Mexico Art Museum, Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center,  LaGrange Art Museum, PULSE Miami, George Adams Gallery in NYC, Mirus Gallery in San Francisco, and Richard Levy Gallery in Albuquerque.  She is a recipient of the 2017 Artist in Residence from the Visible Futures Lab at the School of Visual Arts, 2015 National Young Painters Award at Miami University, and 2009 New Visions Grant from the State of New Mexico.  Her works were published in New American Paintings , Thinking Through Digital Media by Palgrave Press, reviewed by Hyperallergic in NYC and Artmaze Magazine in London, and appeared in TV5Monde  in Canada. Her paintings are included in many public and private collections nationally. Please visit her CV for details.