Light Threads Series Featured in Art Blogs in London and Berlin

My small-scale wall sculptures from Light Space Intimacy are spotlighted in London based ArtMaze Magazine

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xuan chen featured in London based artmaze magzine
My wall-sculptures in Light Threads series are featured in kiosk of democracy, an art blog by Sascha Windolph in Berlin.
The blog is a platform in the internet about contemporary art,  photo and film. It reflects Sascha Windolph’s aesthetic and or ethical position, featuring more than ​​10​​​00 photographers and artists from all over the word. All contributions together are an collectiv cosmo cultur collection

To visit the full blog post, visit here

Light Threads by Xuan Chen Featured in German Art Blog

More about Light Threads Series

This series of paintings is part of my Light Space Intimacy concept, in which I make small-scale paintings and wall sculptures. These small-scale works devise an intimate connection between light, space, color and the viewer. Using various media such as embroidery thread, fluorescent paint or color transparencies, I create layered sculptures painted form digitally constructed images. The final forms lack traditional substrates in order to emphasize the physical complexity of the material themselves. The media are constructed on hard surfaces to further examine and challenge traditional painting materials and to emphasize the process of digital image-making. In the sculptures, spaces are constructed by digitally manipulating color and geometric shapes, as well as by physically bending or cutting the supporting structure; aura of light casts on the work itself or on the exhibition wall from the neon colors painted on the bended parts or on the reverse side of the work; or embroidery threads are wrapped on the pieces forming a glowing illusion as if they are tangible lights.

It is clear that these sculptures are influenced by the light and space movement, in which grandiose light installations often directly embed artificial light within objects or architecture, as demonstrated in works by Robert Irwin and James Turrell. Unlike Irwin and Turrell’s work in which the light itself often becomes the space and viewers feel the physical intensity that space can give, my small abstract sculptures are not about the power of space, but about the intimate relation between space and you, about the growing obsession with personalized digital gadgets, or perhaps, about our unrelenting love of beautifully designed objects. Thus, common motifs in my pieces include surprises of light, bright digital colors and welcoming geometric shapes. These spatial arrangements intend to encourage viewers to closely gaze at the work and examine it from different angles like exploring a newly acquired digital device.

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