Artwork Featured in CulturalHall, Winter 2014

My works are featured in Issue 108 of CultureHall, a NYC-based, curated online resource for contemporary art.

The essay is written by David Andrew Frey, a New York-based artist, curator, and technologist.

Visit here to read the full issue.

Quoted from the issue:

“Layered, prismatic and idiosyncratically referential, Xuan Chen’s paintings from her series Screens negotiate the traditional cannon of abstraction while giving technology equal consideration. For each painting Xuan first creates simple forms in 3D software programs that are deconstructed through the manipulation of their base elements. Toying with but moving beyond the traditional concepts of the still life, each oil and acrylic work are in essence an interpreted duplicate of the first work, as the paintings on panel become the physical manifestation of a digital entity. Xuan’s original subject matter is constructed but ultimately intangible as it lives only as reference in the realm of the computer display.”

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